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Pourable Fast Set Repair - HY-SPEED™ 500

  • Pour Hy-Speed 500 right from the pail.
  • Fork lift rolling over freshly repaired pothole
  • Hy-Speed 500, 5 gallon pail.
56.00 LBS
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10,000 psi final cure --> 3x strength of concrete
1 hour cure time --> Vs 28 days for concrete
Pours like syrup from the can  --> Just add water and mix
No Priming or Troweling          --> Easy to use
Fast  Set                                              --> Concrete hard and ready to use in minutes



  • All Traffic Bearing Concrete
  • Industrial Floors
  • Airport Runways and Aprons
  • Highways and Toll Plazas
  • Bridge Decks
  • Parking Lots and Driveways
  • Recreational Areas



Best used for spalls and damage when 3” or greater.

Use THINSET™ bonding liquid to replace mixing water for less than 2” thick repairs.



Concrete Bonding Additive - THINSET™

5 gal kit: 5 sq ft @ 1".
Cure Schedule:
@ 70F: Initial set: 20 minutes. Final set: 1 hour.
Application Method:
Pourable, self-leveling
Single component (50 lbs powder) in a 5 gal pail for easy application.
Product Info:
Material Safety:
Specified & Used By:
Partial list of Garon customers: Universal Handling Equipment |Coca Cola Enterprises |Festival Foods | Associated Wholesale Grocers | Silgan Plastics Corporation | Six Flags Marine World | Searles Valley Minerals | International Paper | USPS
Customer Quotes::
"Provided speedy support aroung our gas boxes that need to be raised for paving." ~ Bay State Gas Inc
"Used near our pot sink - 90 yr old terrazo floor which is pitted, cracked, and deep holes. I applied Hy-Speed™ 500 at the end of the day and it was ready for the traffic and conditions the next morning. I would recommend to anyone. ~ Sodexho Service
"We moved to a new building and there were some broken concrete floor areas so we cleaned them out and used HY-Speed™ 500 to fill the damaged areas and it worked great!” ~ Michael Felthauser, Millard Lumber Inc
"We had some cracks to fill in our warehouse floor. We used Hy-Speed™ 500 to fill the bigger and deeper ones. We have tried many products on our floor cracks and Hy Speed™ 500 did seem to work the best." ~ Banta Global Turnkey
"Repaired cracks and holes in cement floor of warehouse, Hy-Speed™ 500 took care of trip hazzards and made forklift travel smoother." ~ BMC Millwork
“With the speed at which Hy-Speed™ 500 drys it allowed me to patch areas of high traffic in about an hour so that it minimized disruption in our normal routines.” ~ David Hyatt, Tuscarawas County Board of MR/DD