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The Ultimate Guide to Repairing and Fixing Broken Concrete

Fix concrete damage of any kind for a fraction of the cost of replacement...without a contractor.

Garon is the choice of professionals in industrial, commercial, institutional and government markets for hard to find, quality concrete repair products.

 Get started with these easy solutions:

concrete floor damage  

Concrete Floor Damage: From pot holes to surface imperfections - Easily repair your concrete floor with these pre-packaged patch and go products.

Exterior concrete fixes  

Exterior Concrete Fixes: Outdoor concrete repairs will last with these products designed for exposure to the elements.

crack and joint repair  

Crack & Joint Repair: Get rid of unsightly floor cracks and uneven concrete slabs with these joint fillers and crack repair products. Easy to use and apply.

anchoring and grouting  

Anchoring & Grouting: Heavy machinery, posts and railings - we have a product for every anchoring and grouting need. Fix it permanently and fast!

overhead and vertical repair  

Overhead & Vertical Repair: From walls to ceilings and everything in between, use these repair solutions designed for hard to reach areas.


Temperature Extremes: Extreme temperatures wreak havoc on concrete surfaces. These products are able to withstand repeated exposure to radical temperature changes.

water/moisture penetration  

Water / Moisture Penetration: Stop leaks and seeping water fast.  These watertight products help seal, protect and prevent water problems.  Simple and quick repairs.